The Divine Twilight’s Return

The Divine Twilight’s Return

Return of the Shattered Constellation Return of the Broken Constellation 부서진 성좌의 회귀

261 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 1 days ago


A mere human who ascended to the position of a god, ‘Twilight of the Gods’. After becoming infamous as an Evil God, he lost everything. His Constellation, his faith and his status. His divinity got cut off, and his divine power disappeared.

“I’d like you to work with me.”

That’s when the master of the Underworld, Thanatos, offered his hand… After grabbing Thanatos’s hand, ‘Twilight of the Gods’ decided to live again as the player ‘Lee Changseon’ to get back at the gods who threw him down to the underworld!

‘So, I’ve really come back.’

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