I’m Sending Warmth to the Disabled Boss

I’m Sending Warmth to the Disabled Boss

我给残疾大佬送温暖 [快穿]

36 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 35 minute ago


Yingzhao has been hiding from a person for thousands of years.

He felt that man suddenly became crazy, obviously, they were friends for thousands of years. Why did he suddenly confess to him?

Yingzhao thought that the person was sick.He was just a spiritual beast born in heaven and earth. What does he know about love?

It wasn’t until that madman shattered his own soul and spirit for him. Yingzhao found out that it took the man tens of thousands of years to walk into his heart.

He looked at the magical weapon that warmed the soul in front of him and said quietly: This time, it’s my turn to find you!

In every world, that person is crazy, paranoid and horrifying, but also loves him to the point of obsession, and this time, Yingzhao decided not to escape (before meeting you, life is bitter; after meeting you, life is sweet)

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